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Porta Client, the lightweight Porta Switch client, has been released also for Android.


PortaClientAppPortaClient, the lightweight Porta Switch client for iPhone has been released.

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AuDAO version 1.0 was released. Now you can download a standalone version. More information at

FaciCredit - a Credit Risk Management System

[facicredit-logo.png] The FaciCredit system is a result of a cooperation with Grant Thornton Advisory s.r.o. company. It is a credit risk management system. The system allows to manage company's credits effectively. It also tracks open invoices and history of paid invoices of given party. Parties can be assigned to groups - segments. Total party's credit ranking depends on the party's segment parameters, which can differ by segment (e.g. "key accounts", "dealers" etc.)

The system automatically recomputes parties' rankings. It allows to generate reports about the current situation and also the changes of parties' behavior. Then you can detect insolvent parties in early and make necessary steps to decrease loss.


The client application was developed using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) technology and therefore it provides fine look and feel for users. It runs in all current standard web browsers like FireFox, Internet Explorer or Safari. The backend application can run on standard Java web container like Apache Tomcat or application server JBoss AS or Oracle Weblogic Server. We support MySQL or Oracle as the database server.

The application is currently localized to Czech and English languages.

The system was successfully deployed in T-Mobile Czech Republic, a.s.