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Porta Client, the lightweight Porta Switch client, has been released also for Android.


PortaClientAppPortaClient, the lightweight Porta Switch client for iPhone has been released.

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AuDAO version 1.0 was released. Now you can download a standalone version. More information at


The ADSL module fully implements the ordering process as it is defined in the Telefónica O2 specification. The module shares the same interface and single sign-on with NP and CPS modules. However, the implementation of the processes differs:

  • The process contains two sub processes: order of an ADSL line and shipping of a self-installation package (ADSL modem).
  • Easy extensibility by new processes
  • No impact if the order is extended by new products
  • Easy integration. All the operator's activity can be automated and integrated into company's infrastructure. Once the system is integrated, it requires just routine technical support maintenance. The integration options are:
    • Ordering: the ADSL module contains an internal interface, which allows accepting orders from your ordering system. The module can be extended by plug-in(s), which notifies ordering (or any other) system, when a state of an order has changed. Plug-in configuration does not require system restart and is available through administrator's web console.
    • Wholesale: the ADSL module can offer an external API based on web services for your partners. They can use the same services as you without any additional effort.
    • Robustness: the ADSL module is able to accept and process messages coming out of order defined by the specification.
    • Exceptions: documented exceptions combined with plug-ins allows easy integration with your fault management systems
    • Reporting: the database contains all the information also for finished orders. The data can be used for any statistics, trends or raw information.
  • Stores history. Every request, order, message and batch is saved. Any of their information is available through a SQL query.
  • User administration is easy. Every command through the web console is preserved with information what, when and who has entered it. The module contains four user roles, which allows user access to relevant data only.

The ADSL module has been implemented into the core of Czech Telecom (Telefonica O2) provisioning system as the case study shows.