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Porta Client, the lightweight Porta Switch client, has been released also for Android.


PortaClientAppPortaClient, the lightweight Porta Switch client for iPhone has been released.

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AuDAO version 1.0 was released. Now you can download a standalone version. More information at

Case study III

The case study will show the complexity of services we provided to Emeldi.

  • Emeldi was participating in a tender for new provisioning system for Czech Telecom (currently Telefónica O2).
  • It was crucial to design and implement a proof of concept solution in a very limited amount of time. Our employee has designed the prototype and under his leadership the prototype was implemented on time.
  • The proposal based on the prototype has been selected during the selection procedure. Alternate proposal came from companies like Accenture or Logica.
  • The design and team leadership of the system was entrusted to key consultants from Spoledge. Our prime responsibility was: gathering user requests (from Czech Telecom), application design, team leadership, meeting deadlines, acceptance tests and operational support leadership.
  • The amount of work was approximately 3000 man-days.
  • The application is perceived as stable and successful implementation of Internet service provisioning within Telefónica O2.