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Porta Client, the lightweight Porta Switch client, has been released also for Android.


PortaClientAppPortaClient, the lightweight Porta Switch client for iPhone has been released.

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AuDAO version 1.0 was released. Now you can download a standalone version. More information at



Porta Client is a mobile dashboard application, which allows PortaOne end-users to access their account information and usage data, manage service settings and also initiate outgoing calls using external tools.

If you are a VoIP provider based on PortaSwitch technology, you can increase your user's experience and satisfaction. Ask for the mobile module to your Porta Switch solution and all your customers can download and use the customized version of this application for free. The current version is configured against demo system at

Porta Client - Spolecne s.r.o.

There is a brand new version of the application. It brings the user experience to new level with more user friendly interface.

PortaClient Account info PortaClient XDR Listing PortaClient DialPad



  • Account information (contact, status, balance, validity)
  • Customer information (for postpaid services balance, status, payment status)
  • XDR listing - browse your calls and charge details
  • Incoming call processing (set up: ring / call forwarding / voice mail)
  • Dialpad - make outgoing call with a service of your choice (iPhone only): 
    (Cell Phone, IVR Callback, Tap To Callback, External dialer like SIP client, Skype etc.)
  • Automatic re-routing of all outgoing calls with a service of your choice (Android only)
  • Permanent notification icon is visible when automatic re-routing of outgoing calls is enabled (Android only)


Further information about Porta Switch and Porta Switch based solutions can be found at :

For further information about the PortaClient, please contact us directly

  • on email: